What We Do

We offer polished concrete, unique graphics and logos, resurfacing with floor coatings or cement based toppings, terrazzo and concrete restoration. Here is a list of servies that we offer in detail:

    Polished Concrete is a flooring of choice for many applications, it is economical, durable and requires low maintenance. It is a great choice for both new and existing concrete. We have installed polished concrete in new residential homes as well as remodeled projects with 50 year old concrete. Call for a free estimate to see if polished concrete will fit your flooring needs.

    Concrete is a great building material that may show damage and wear over time. We have the processes and techniques to revitalize and restore your worn-out concrete. From a grind and seal, to an overlay, or a full diamond polished system we can bring old and damaged concrete back to life. Call us for a free consultation and estimate for your restoration project.

    If you are looking for an industrial, commercial, or residential coating, we have it covered. We offer a wide range of coatings that can be properly selected to match your needs. Call today for a free estimate on your floor coating project.

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